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(Updated 28/10/2015)
I'd like to let you all know about a recital I’m doing on Friday Nov 7th 8:30pm at Elder hall. I’ll be playing with percussionist Adrian van Nunen, music by Rafael Riqueni, Diego del Morao, Albeniz, Mario Escudero, Esteban de Sanlúcar as well as my own music. The other part of the concert will be an amazing violin and guitar duo from Korea. The show is part of the very first Adelaide Guitar Chamber Music Festival. Hope to see you there! More details and tickets available here.

My blog is now up and running at It's got videos, transcriptions and I plan to include other guitar related thoughts and essays.

I have a new track out as part of a compilation of guitarists from around the world. It is a Solea por Buleria called "Mi Amor", composed for my wife Kristy. The track, as well as the album it is from, is available for digital download here.

I've just finished a new webpage about my services as a wedding guitarist - you can check out the page at

Here is a video from my last show Guitar Sketches at the 2010 Adelaide Fringe:

On the multimedia page I have video from my performance at the first Adelaide International Guitar Festival, and other shows.

There are videos of recent performances of Chispa Flamenca (comprising myself and dancer Kristy Manuel) at

Flamenco Guitar Class

If you live in Adelaide and are interested in learning or furthering your knowlegde of flamenco guitar, I've started teaching a flamenco guitar group class at Casa de Flamenco. More information here.

My album "Chispa Flamenca" is available at selected Adelaide music stores, as well as on the web via Chaos Music or digitally via itunes. Thanks to Adrian van Nunen for the design and Solveig Larsen for the sketch, and to Artsa who supported the project. There are samples from the album on the multimedia page.

Dancer Kristy Manuel

Guitarist Aloysius Leeson

Upcoming gigs

Friday Nov 7th 8:30pm at Elder hall. With percussionist Adrian van Nunen. More details and tickets available here.

Last Saturday of every month, 8pm: Casa blabla, Leigh st, Adelaide. Free entry.

About Me

I am an guitarist who works in a variety of styles, including flamenco, classical and latin jazz. A long running infatuation with flamenco led me to spend time in Spain following the traditional apprenticeship of accompanying singers and dancers, studying with maestros and playing at juergas (parties). Eventually I was able to work at the dance studios of Javier Cruz and Mari Angeles in Seville, and since coming back to Adelaide, Australia I have continued to work with local singers and dancers.